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Following spirit and a letter of agreements in the area of Meeting on safety and cooperation in Europe (SBS, the Netherlands shows big openness and readiness for every possible development of cooperation between the East and the West.

The noticeable trace in the history of the country was left by the Roman gain (1 century BC — V century BC). Romans accelerated processes of class, social stratification at local tribes and had a certain impact on economy and culture. Under their management the first fortresses and roads were constructed, channels are dug. Great liberation movement, the first in the history of the Netherlands, under leadership of the legendary leader of batav Yuli Tsivilis belongs to this period.

The Hunter Douglas Group company which is widely known first of all for production of aluminum construction designs is distinguished from the enterprises recycling aluminum in finished products. The enterprises of the company annually consume about 15% of the aluminum melted at Hoogovensa plants in Holland. Both "Hoogovens", and "Hunter" have considerable capacities abroad.

State language in the country is Netherlands, more often called Dutch, and historically — Flemish. It treats the German language group. Frisland is widespread in the northern province also frizsky language very similar with Dutch. As languages of business communication English and German are actively used.

The mechanical engineering is large advanced branch of the Dutch industry. It includes about 1400 firms with the total number of personnel over 88 thousand people. The Netherlands makes rather small number of heavy cars and the equipment, and the majority of firms of branch belong to sectors of an average and easy mechanical engineering.

On number of firms - 63, and also to quantity working - less than 30 thousand people, this branch is one of small in structure of the Netherlands industry. Nevertheless its efficiency and a role in economy are very considerable.

MSP share in different sectors of the Dutch economy is various. Small and medium-sized enterprises prevail in a services sector: for example, in such sectors as hotel and restaurant business 96% of total number working in sector of car service and other types of repair work - 88% are the share of them. At the same time in industrial production and transport of MSP respectively provide 39 and 52% of employment.

Small and medium-sized enterprises make considerable investments in increase of production capacity. More than a half of all investments in whole or in part aim at business expansion, including 45% of the invested means go directly for purchases of equipment and equipment.

In the Netherlands carry the enterprises with number to the category of small and medium-sized enterprises (MSP) occupied to hundred people. They provide about 60% of workplaces in the Dutch economy. It is higher than the average level of the EU which makes 55%.

The Netherlands treats small countries of Western Europe. Are located on the coast of the North Sea, in the mouth of three big rivers: Rhine, Maas and Skhelde. The country borders on Germany in the east and on Belgium in the south.

Key branch of the Netherlands economy is the power. In the country power-consuming industries in the industry, and also in agriculture (hothouse complexes) are very developed. The power industry of the Netherlands along with electricity generation specializes on oil production and natural gas, processing of crude oil and production of the liquefied gas.

The largest enterprise of sector and branch in general is the Hoogovens concern with total number of employees about 27 thousand people from among whom 60% are occupied in production of steel. A half of a turn of the company is the share of steel. Continuous increasing production - one of the most characteristic features of concern. "" has close connections with the foreign companies. So, for example, in cooperation with "British Steel" "Hoogovens" developed the restored steel for production of cans covered with a unique anticorrosive sheeting. At close interaction of concern with the French auto makers and the Dutch producers of cars release of durable pipes for automobile mufflers from stainless steel is carried out.