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In the lowest part of hierarchy there are people who are occupied directly with work, the production personnel of hotel, so-called individual participants concerns to them. Over it the multilayered pyramid of managers in which allocate three levels towers:

The main thing is interest in work here. Traditional approach to motivation is based on belief that employees are resources, assets which have to work effectively. As a result the manager daily faces how to motivate activity of the personnel, that is how to direct their energy on performance of a certain work.

Main objectives and strategy of the joint venture and P hotels coincide with the main task of all hotel is a providing services to best quality guests, and also increase in percent of employment of hotel. As for strategy for achievement of goals, it, for example, representation advertizing improvement business – motel, reduction of time of registration of guests.

Substantial theories of motivations are based on identification of internal motives of the personality (requirement) which force people to work so, but not differently (A. Maslou's theory, F. Gertsberg, etc.).

The economic service is the largest division of hotel. maintenance orderly of huge number of living rooms demands heavy responsibility and punctuality. From the head of this service organizing ability, a, aspiration to conform to the highest standards.

The top managers who are responsible for statement of global tasks, formation of strategy of development and internal values of the hotel enterprise. They are responsible before the management of hotel. There are five basic operations in work of managers, in what activity in the industry of hospitality they would not be engaged:

To the assistant manager of Department of Drinks and Food, are subordinated: waiters, musicians, bartenders, and also service personnel of premises of restaurant. Thus, workers of production, and to the Assistant to ON and P — the services which are engaged in service of guests are subordinated to the Manager of ON and P. Such distribution of duties between the management of restaurant rationally and logically.

Also in the large hotel enterprises in addition to the management of the top management use such organizational form as executive committee which consists of heads of the main functional divisions ( hotels. Heads of such directions as placement, food, marketing enter it (commercial services, it is administrative – economic work. Each of heads bears responsibility for the solution of the tasks facing it for these directions.

Service of internal services of hotel – the segment of a control system of hotel property having program modules: conducting the general accounting, calculations for a salary, the accounting of property in a warehouse, financial reports.

Motivation of the labor relations set of the incentives inducing the personnel to active work that is, after carrying out organizational actions the manager has to provide successful performance of work.

A certain management style is adequate to each of the developed methods of the management. Each method for the realization needs the persons possessing quite certain qualities. Besides the method of management is, more mobile and sensitive to new needs for the sphere of administrative decisions, than style of the management.

Bosses operate no more than ten subordinates whereas heads of the lowest level of management can control much bigger number of employees. In this regard it is possible to allocate two important factors defining standards of controllability (number of employees which one manager) – time and frequency can effectively operate, that is, what is the time the manager needs to see off with everyone employees and as frequent to do it.

The final organizational structure has to be developed for achievement of goals and tasks in the companies of the industry of hospitality, and work in it has to be divided between all workers. Also the structure is necessary for effective transformation of key functions of workers, definition of their accountability, ensuring due efforts from the personnel.