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Today the industry of hospitality represents the most powerful system of economy of the region or the tourist center and an important component of economy of tourism. The industry of hospitality is made by various means of collective and individual placement: hotels, hotels, motels, youth hosted also hostels, apartments, tourist shelters, and also the private sector participating in placement of tourists.

Work as the chief/manager of service of hotel fund, the organization and control of cleaning and service of public rooms, administration premises, a number of rooms (premises and bathrooms for guests)

Control system of hotel property – the computer system serving a hotel cycle within three main segments: service of external services; service of internal services; software of interfaces.

Main objectives and strategy of SPIR of hotel coincide with the main task of all hotel is a providing services to best quality guests, and also increase in percent of employment of hotel. As for strategy for achievement of goals, it, for example, representation advertizing improvement business – motel, reduction of time of registration of guests. The staff of this service is extremely attentive and correct, their conversation with clients should not interrupt long telephone conversations.

The economic service is the largest division of hotel. maintenance orderly of huge number of living rooms demands heavy responsibility and punctuality. From the head of this service organizing ability, a, aspiration to conform to the highest standards.

Service of guests during accommodation is reduced to extension of term of accommodation, transfer of the guest from one number to another (in necessary cases), to collection of a payment for accommodation, the organization of providing additional services in desire of the client.

The final organizational structure has to be developed for achievement of goals and tasks in the companies of the industry of hospitality, and work in it has to be divided between all workers. Also the structure is necessary for effective transformation of key functions of workers, definition of their accountability, ensuring due efforts from the personnel.

Service of external services of hotel – the segment of a control system of hotel property having four general modifications of program modules: booking, management of a number of rooms, calculations with clients, the general management.

The organizational structure of the companies of the industry of hospitality defines not only its economic efficiency, but also moral and labor satisfaction of the personnel. Managers need to define influence of organizational structure and methods of the organization of work on behavior and activity of staff of the company. The structure is also the main component of effective corporate strategy. The organizational structure indissolubly connects process of management and behavior of people on a workplace.

Tourist services including within hotel service, are carried to welfare services. They are under construction on the principles of modern hospitality that raises their role in development of domestic tourism, and also sets certain tasks in system of training for tourist and hotel service.

Development of the hotel industry goes in the area of increase and specialization of the hotel enterprises. Traditional hotels with a big set of services, specialized hotels (the congress – the centers, hotels of resort type and many the friend are offered. On their background business – the motel will take an honourable foreground.

Functional elements are also considerable part of process of management. These are those functions or actions which are not aimed at the final product, and give support to criterion functions and include: administrative support, planning, quality control, etc. It is possible to refer safety, engineering support, accounting to functional elements, etc.

Service of internal services of hotel – the segment of a control system of hotel property having program modules: conducting the general accounting, calculations for a salary, the accounting of property in a warehouse, financial reports.