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The list and types of works on EO are stated in the maintenance manual or the maintenance instruction. THAT is carried out on the basis of monthly schedules and has to be combined with time of a planned stop for technological cleaning.

Production of polyamide fiber 1 ; 0,48 ; 0,68 it is made on shtapelny units by a pulling, a goffering, thermofixing, also packings of not extended threads from spinning cars are sharp. Polyamide fiber is packed into piles weighing 140-180 kg.

Complex research of the market – the responsible work demanding considerable temporary, financial and information resources, and also high level of marketing specialists. These researches cover the following directions:

The economic reform occurring in our country creates favorable conditions for active application of marketing which is possible in the conditions of the developed commodity-money relations and the created market.

The analysis of external conditions of development of the enterprise promotes growth of efficiency and profitability of its production and marketing activity, creation of a basis for formation of marketing approach in the solution of key problems of management at the microlevel.

Maintenance is carried out by the specialized personnel: assistants to masters, day mechanics, duty mechanics, bureaucrats, cleaners, operators, lubricators. Management of the personnel is performed by mechanics of shops. The equipment breaks into zones, each of which is assigned to the corresponding personnel which is carrying out EO and TO.

Maintenance includes a complex of the interconnected provisions and norms determining the organization and an order of work by maintenance of processing equipment, directed on increase of reliability of operation of cars, preventions of wear and extension of a resource of work of knots of cars, timely and high-quality preparation for repair work, decrease in the general operational costs.

Complex research of the market and, first of all, market conditions, according to a business community, is the tool helping the businessman to avoid mistakes, to reduce risk at adoption of economic decisions by it.

The organization of marketing activity provides creation of special structural divisions in a control system of production and marketing and scientific and technical activity of firm. Which, as a rule, are under construction on three basic principles, their various combination and variations is allowed: marketing divisions on functions of marketing activity, by the commodity principle (on a product), on the region, on groups of consumers.

Control of marketing activity is exercised in the course of implementation of marketing programs, i.e. throughout all marketing work, in the form of control over the implementation of plans of firm (through control of realization and the analysis of opportunities of sale, control of profitability and the analysis of efficiency of marketing expenses, strategic control and audit marketing.

Analysis of production and marketing opportunities of the enterprise. It is an important type of market researches as, having only defined requirements of the market, the enterprise will not be able effectively to choose its concrete segment, the target market for massive marketing work – for this purpose it is necessary to correlate requirements and inquiries of the market to own opportunities and prospects of development.

Marketing activity for the purpose of achievement of desirable levels of sale has to be carried out within the chosen uniform concept. Such concept is under construction on definition of requirements and real consumer estimates of the range and quality of goods and recognition of need of the adaptation of production and sale to these requirements and estimates, and is better and more effective, than it is done by competitors.

The equipment of a by-product recovery department is intended for receiving polikaproamidny granulate from the E-caprolactam. If the caprolactam is used in a crystal look, it melt on installation of the centralized melting of UTsP-2 Process of polymerization is carried out in devices of continuous polymerization of ANP-5,5, ANP-10 or the line of cascade polyamidation of LKP-2 Drying of a crumb is carried out in the dryers NES-20, NES-28, UNES-12, SND-28, SND-40, SND-20M.