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Pink are one of large families of floral plants including about hundred childbirth and three thousand types. Pink are widespread almost in all areas of the globe where floral plants can grow, but their main part is concentrated in moderate and subtropical zones of the northern hemisphere.

Spireynye – listopadny, is more rare evergreen bushes or low trees, long-term herbs or semi-bushes with integral or plumose (the seldom ternate – at the American porterantus, trekhlistochkovy Portheranthus trifoliata) leaves, with stipules or without them. Flowers in brushes, whisks, simple or difficult guards. Gipanty flat or kolokolchaty. Than carpels usually 2-5, is more rare 1 or 8, free or more or less accrete (at a puzyreplodnik, some spiry and childbirth of a triba). Carpels with two, usually trailing semyazachatka. Fruits – the leaflets revealing on an internal seam, often dorsalno at childbirth of Lindleya (Lindleye), Vokheliniya (Vauquelinia), Eksokhord (Exochorda), fruits korobochkoobrazny.

Wild strawberry (strawberries – Fragaria. The sort contains about 50 types. Perennial grassy plants with the socket of dlinnochereshkovy leaves. Pestles are located, as well as at types of the previous sort, on a convex fleshy receptacle. A fruit – a mnogosemyanka. It is cultivated among many grades received as believe, on the basis of hybridization of wild strawberry virginsky – F. Virginiana and wild strawberry Chilean – F. chiloensis.

Rose wrinkled – R. rugosa. A natural area – the Far East, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Japan, China. Outstanding object of decorative gardening, a high-vitamin and food plant (from petals produce. Are widely cultivated, winter without cover.

The majority of the spireyny live in mountains, in a forest strip and on opened, warmed up by the sun, spaces, on stony scatterings, slopes of gorges, coast of the rivers. In a forest zone they are a part of an underbrush of different types of the wood, in steppes form shrubby thickets. Some spireyny are kserofita, and can grow even in the desert.

Among the apple-tree mountain plants prevail. The majority of species of apple-trees, pears, kizilnik, mountain ashes grow in light light forests on hillsides or on mountain gorges, single derevyay or groves. In an underbrush in the lower circle of the mountain woods some of them (mountain ashes, kizilnik) rise to the upper bound of a forest belt. Representatives of the same childbirth come for a polar circle. In tropics few representatives apple-tree also live in mountains.

Rod Spireya – Spiraea. Flowers white, collected in shchitkovidny inflorescences. Flowers bear on 5 chashelistik and petals attached to edge bokalchaty a gipantiya, the attachment of numerous stamens painted in a place in yellow color. At the bottom the gipantiya settles down around usually 5 free carpels from which the fruit a five-leaflet develops. At S. salicifolia – an inflorescence top, consisting of faintly or bright pink flowers collected in a dense difficult whisk.

Rose gray – R. glauca. Natural distribution – Central and the Atlantic Europe, Asia Minor, the Carpathians. The ornamental shrub, young branches, leaves are covered with a dense blue-blue raid. Fruits contain a lot of vitamin C (2,5 thousand mg of % for the dry mass of pulp).

Among grassy representatives important fodder value – a krovokhlebka pharmaceutical – Sanguisorba officinalis has only one appearance. It is also used in medicine and veterinary science as medicinal. This plant of damp meadows and the bogged-up territories. Flowers dark red, collected in golovchaty inflorescences. Sometimes cultivate.

On the basis of distinctions, mainly in morphology of fruits and in the main chromosomal numbers, the family is divided into four subfamilies: Spireynye (Spiraeoideae) – a fruit – a leaflet, seldom a box, the main chromosomal numbers 8 and 9; Shipovnikovye (Rosoideae) – fruits – nutlets, multinutlets, multistone fruit, it is frequent with participating in formation of a fruit gipantiy, the main chromosomal numbers 7, 9, are more rare 8; Apple-tree (Maloideae) – a fruit apple, the main chromosomal number 7; Plum (Prunoideae) – a fruit a stone fruit, the main chromosomal number